Monthly Archives: March 2020


As you are all aware we are all embroiled in the challenges of dealing with Covid-19.  I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we have already taken a number of precautionary actions to ensure that we can continue business as usual whilst keeping our clients and staff safe.

These precautions include closing our offices to the public, providing hand sanitisers for clients and staff who may be present in the offices and for solicitors to work remotely from home. Also we will not be open late on Wednesdays until further notice at the Paignton office.

We will be taking phone calls but we will not have the same level of staffing and therefore if we do not answer, please try again.

If you need to visit our offices to drop off anything to us, you are welcome to put papers through the letter box but our offices are now closed to the public. Any post will be dealt with as quickly as possible and will be emailed to the solicitor dealing with the case.

By taking these precautions we can continue to provide the excellent service that is expected.